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How to Charge your Sutro Battery



  • Amy

    I wish the 24 hours part was more clear in packaging as my husband was setting up and he is red green color blind part of why we purchased this device.  And the light readings are hard to understand when you have color blindness. We have also become accustomed to devices coming with batteries closer to ready and needing little if any charge when we buy them,  the 24 hours wwas not obvious.

  • David Kehoe

    I agree.  It took forever to get here.  Not like Amazon in two days.  Now I have to wait 24 hours to do anything?  Not Happy!


  • Brian Krykewycz

    Yes. Completely agree. The labeling on the package is completely and utterly absent in my mind. It blends right in with the packaging AND... Directions on the app say zero about charging batteries before plugging in cartridge. It states to plug in extra battery to keep charged.. one would assume the battery IS charged and ready to go. Bad packaging and unclear messaging. Now apparently this is a wasted cartridge.

  • Joel Tarasiuk

    Gotta say, a 24 hr charge is a bit, long? 

    I had to Google "How long do I need to charge my Sutro battery" after not getting a clear answer in setting up the device. It should be a clear warning saying "Before you Setup! Make sure your battery is has been charged for 24 Hours! If the light blinks RED it means its still charging! When it turn GREEN, it means its fully charged! Press the SYNC button inside the charge to check its status! Then, once fully charged, proceed to SET UP tutorial steps on the app!"

    Because after I open all the devices, read the manual, downloaded the app, queried around to find details, I realized it was pointless till the battery was charged. SO, put everything away, uninstalled the cartidge, put the plastic sticker back on, and waited (still now) on it to be fully charged.

    I'm sure the device will be super, its a just little joy killer is all.


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