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Does Sutro have a seasonal cartridge program?



  • Michael Sargent

    How exactly do I go about suspending my subscription account for the winter season?

  • Rebecca Thygesen

    I have this same question. Where do we find info on how to pause our cartridge subscription?

  • mrs.bmass

    Anyone ever get an answer to this? How to pause service for the winter?

  • Andruw91

    I was told you have to call them, but I’m not sure that works either as I asked to not have any more deliveries until April 2022 and I’m getting another one now. Sutro in my opinion isn’t very customer user friendly. You always have to call them and wait for a call back. Just let me do it myself.

  • Carlos Roman

    It seems many users are having problems pausing the service. Need to know immediately how to pause and schedule re-activation for next year. Calling to have it done is quite antiquated and makes Sutro look bad. Please let me know as soon as possible, otherwise, as much as I like your service, I will stop payments and get another service.

  • Jennifer Meade

    I submitted a suspension request thru the link at the top of the page, "Submit a Request", and got a very quick response. My device is now drained and stored for the winter.  Try that, I have no complaints! The couple of times that I've reached out with questions through that avenue the Sutro group has been very responsive.

  • Tyler Saunders

    "Just put your subscription service on hold from your admin panel and start up again in the summer. It's as easy as that." 


    Seems this is not real. 

    Seems no one answers these questions. 

    Makes me question the companies stability. 



  • Mateo Londono
    1. download the Sutro app & login
    2. click the my.mysutro button
    3. Login using the same email & pw
    4. update your settings as desired "close pool"..."cancel membership"...

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